Twin Rivers Tubing FAQs

What does an average day look like with your company from start to finish?

Parking directly across the street behind Jimmy’s Hot Dog Stand. 

Get ready (sun tan lotion, hat, sunglasses, something for your feet, water, cash to pay). Lock everything in your car that you don’t want to bring. We have FREE key check and small bins for items like bathing suit cover ups.

Have your waiver filled out (you can print these from our website). It really is very helpful to do this beforehand. If not, we have them.

Cross the street and come on in. Either go right to the counter to pay or fill out waiver then pay.

Head out to the porch and get personally fit for a life jacket.

Head over the the patio that overlooks the water and wait for the shuttle and get our safety briefing and directions. (for tubing) Wait on the porch (for boating)

Hop on our shuttle for a short ride to the drop off.

Grab a tube, head to the river and let the fun begin.

Exit left after the second bridge. Carry your tube up the stairs where an outdoor shower and changing rooms await you.

Leave happy, refreshed and relaxed!!

Start to finish 3 to 4 hours.

Q: Can we just show up or are reservations required?

If you’ve come for tubing, walk-ins are always welcome! We do not accept reservations unless you have a party of 15 or more. Groups of 15 or larger are required to make reservations in advance so we can keep your group together. We do our best to accommodate walk-ins. We thank you for your patience.

All kayaks, rafts and canoes must have a reservation at least 24 hours in advance.

Q: How long is the wait?

There may be a short wait on weekends. On weekdays you will typically move right through the line. Just like any water related activity during the summer people are seeking relief…sometimes all at once: ) We thank you for your patience.

Q: Do we have to wear life vests?

YES! Wearing a life has always been mandatory with Twin Rivers Tubing regardless of age or athletic ability. You MUST keep it on at ALL times. We can not stress enough the importance of this from a safety standpoint.

Q: Can we bring a cooler?

We allow small/medium sized coolers, one per group of five. No full-size 2 handled coolers allowed. No glass allowed on the river, it’s illegal. You are responsible for getting it down river. What ever you bring to transport it along with your cooler must be able to fit on your lap on the shuttle. 

Q: Is alcohol allowed?

No! Your safety and the enjoyment of everyone is our primary concern. In addition, anyone who shows up impaired will be turned away. Sorry, it’s our policy. Thank you for understanding.

Q: Where do I park?

Phillipsburg offers a large free parking lot directly across the street behind Jimmy’s Doggie Stand. 

Why can’t I park in front of your building?

We share our location with a restaurant and tiki bar. Since our customers will be here and average of 3-5 hours we allow the restaurant/ tiki bar  customers to utilize the spots since they will be in and out more quickly. There is however  parking right across the street.

 Q: Can kids go tubing, rafting, kayaking, or canoeing?

Children must be 6 or older. Anyone under 18 must have an adult with you. To ride in our kayaks you must be at least 12 years old with prior experience.

Q: What kind of footwear is preferred?

Water shoes or old sneakers are preferred. You may wear flip flops however it’s not recommended. People tend to come back with flip and not flop. The river bed is covered in rocks that can be sharp and cut your feet.

Q: Do you close if it rains?

 Your enjoyment and safety are our priority. If it calls for heavy rain all day, or calls for severe weather, we will either have a delayed opening, close early or close all day. Please note that if the river is too high from a previous rainfall, we will also close. You can always check our status on the website. It is the first section on the right side of the website. If looking on your phone, please scroll down until you see the STATUS tab.

Q: What is the depth of the river?

Average depth of the river is 2-4 feet. However, some areas can exceed 8-10 feet.

Q: What if we are late for our boating reservation? 

Unfortunately, if you are not here and ready to go by your scheduled shuttle time, we cannot wait. We maximize our shuttles with customers and must honor their reservation time. Sorry.

Q: If I show up at 5:00 and you close at 6:00, why won’t you put me on the river?

Our closing time means everyone must be off the river at that time. We have last shuttle/ride times that reflect our last “customer drop off” time.

What is a last shuttle/ride time?

Our last shuttle/ride times reflect the last time we will put customers on the river. You would need to be here at least 20-30 minutes before that to fill out waivers, pay and park. The times differ for boats and tubes, weekdays and weekends. Please see our HOURS and click on last ride times.

Should I bring my phone? I have a water proof case.

Nope…unplug from the world for a few hours. Enjoy each others company. BTW…water proof cases sink!

What are your Group Rates?

Groups over 15, reservation required.

Weekend Group Rates. 15- 29 people $28 per person. 30+ $25 per person

Weekday Group Rates. 15-29 people $23 per person. 30+ $20 per person