We are closed for the 2022 season. Thank you and see you next season!

When Booking remember the 4 letters TWIN not to be confused with TWO. Go with TWIN for the WIN! We have all the proper insurances and permits to operate legally in PA. WE MOVED to Easton PA just across the Delaware River from our old location in Phillipsburg NJ in 2021. If you're looking to go tubing on the Delaware River, you have found the right place! Start & end your trip in beautiful historic Easton, PA. Join Twin Rivers Tubing™ for a fun day of Tubing, Kayaking, Canoeing, and Rafting. We're located in Easton, PA where the Delaware River Meets the Lehigh River. We're across the river from Phillipsburg, NJ and less than a mile from the Crayola Experience. A wonderful way to spend a summer day with family and friends. Enjoy the best scenic views of New Jersey and Pennsylvania while you tube, kayak, raft, or canoe along the Delaware River.


Disclaimers - What we can and cannot control during you visit


  • How we treat you
  • We will be kind
  • We will be respectful
  • We will be helpful
  • We will keep our equipment up to date.
  • We will keep things running smoothly, the more prepared and ready that you are the faster we can get you on the river

WE CANNOT CONTROL (based on recent comments and complaints)

  • The temperature of the river (what is comfortable to someone else may not be comfortable to you)
  • The current of the river (during our safety talk we inform you of the conditions as they are constantly changing)
  • The depth of the river
  • The breeze and direction it is coming from
  • The amount of fun bumpy water - we wish that there was more too
  • The weather (too hot/too cool/too cloudy/too sunny)
  • Tubing is a water related activity, you will get wet (thought this was a no - brainer)
  • Tethers are complimentary to keep your group together. If you untether you will not stay together (yet another no - brainer) sorry, not sorry
  • How much fun you did not have (the more fun people you surround yourself with the more fun you will have, tubing is not for everyone)
  • Traffic/Construction in the area

Our employees work tirelessly in this heat and go above and beyond for our customers. Our boat and jet ski monitor the river. There are 3 miles to cover and sometimes hundreds of customers. Emergency situations arise, people with medical conditions, the elderly and children take precedence. While we do tow people into the current when we can, towing you the entire trip because the current is low and slow is not something that we can accommodate on a constant basis. Yelling at our employees and threatening them for this and for what was mentioned above is NOT ok. Please be patient, please be kind, Thank you!!!



  • NEW Location and Longer Float For 2021!
  • Click on BOOK NOW below to reserve your spot.
  • Jackets, Key Check, and Tube Tethers Included in price.
  • Free Shuttle Service (Please note last shuttle times under hours tab).
  • Parking in parking garages located on South 3rd Street
  • Indoor Restrooms and Changing Rooms
  • NO alcohol permitted
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