Effective Pointers for Safe River Canoeing with Kids

River canoeing is simply a great idea when you are doing it with your kids. They will be highly excited when you give them the news about your canoeing plans. However, if you are planning to do so, you must understand that there is a big difference between the excitement and your kids safety. To minimize that gap and make your canoeing safe, you must follow a plan. Here are some really effective pointers that will help you have a fun and safe Delaware river canoeing with your kids.

  • Understand the risks: There are inherent risks of venturing onto the water, especially with the little ones. Train your kids before marching them into the water. When paddling with your kids, you need to stay at the level of water you are confident of.

  • Prepare your kids: Your kids must go through some level of safety training for a more secure and smooth ride. Make them wear lighter outfits that will help them in floating for a longer time. Give them a small lesson on how to swim.

  • Give lessons to them: Let them learn what is a draw stroke, a j-stroke, and when they should use them? What they need to do, if the canoe tips over? These lessons will certainly help your kids to get out of the water safely and train them to paddle more efficiently. You should give them their own paddle, when they are ready for it.

  • Get all the necessary things with you: Sun burning can be unpleasant for both, you and your kids. Take sunscreen and hats along with you. Take enough snacks and water to keep them happy on the river. Pack an extra pair of clothes for them.

  • Safety first: The most important thing to take with you is the understanding of safety measures. Never forget to wear life jackets and follow the instructions strictly.

After all this, the most important thing to remember is your kids fun. Your canoeing on the Delaware river should be the one that your kids would love to do again. Give them a day full of activity & enjoyment and be the best parent in their eyes.